Face Fit Testing

Recent changes to the COSHH Regulations mean that there is now a requirement to undertake annual face fit testing for operators wearing disposable and interchangeable respirators (eg. P1, P2, P3 types).

Eagle Safety and Environment can provide a full testing service to include;

  • Guidance in choosing the correct respirator.
  • Ability to correctly fit a facepiece and perform pre-use checks.
  • Examination of RPE and identification of poorly maintained and fitted respirators
  • Testing of each employee’s respirator and certificate of testing.

The test usually lasts from 20 minutes and the employee will need to complete a few exercises, for a period of 60 seconds each exercise. These may include moving their head from shoulder to shoulder, talking, bending over, and a sensitivity test.

The test is performed to show that the chosen respirator performs to the satisfactory standards and doesn’t put your employee at risk

We will give recommendations, where necessary, on the correct face mask to use.

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and comply with the law.
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