Risk Assessments

The risk assessment process involves identifying what might cause harm (ie. Hazards) in the workplace and then decide on and implement reasonable steps to control the risk/s present.

The risk assessment must be documented (unless you employ less than 5 people).

The risk/s should be categorised as High / Medium / Low and an action plan developed to control the risks identified which may include immediate/short term. medium-term and long-term actions.

Eagle Safety & Environment Limited can assist in every aspect of the risk assessment and offer sensible practical advice on controlling risks in the workplace.

As well as general risk assessments, we offer

  • PUWER (Provision & use of workplace equipment) – machinery risk assessments,
  • Workplace Transport Risk Assessments  Workplace transport is implicated in a quarter of all fatal injuries to workers in the UK
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessments. According to the Health and Safety Executive, a third of all workplace injuries are caused by manual handling, so this is an essential task that needs doing regularly and correctly.

And we can train you how to complete your own risk assessments.

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