Air Quality Monitoring by Eagle Safety

Air Quality Monitoring

In order to comply with the COSHH regulations, companies are required to measure the air quality of the workplace.

Our consultants are able to carry out air quality monitoring, which is a Detailed Survey to measure the hazardous substances in the workplace atmosphere and determine what remedial actions the employer needs to take.

We can test for a multitude of hazardous substances, most commonly Total Inhalable Dusts, Respirable Dust, Toxic metals, Isocyanates, Oil Mist, Weld Fume, Solvents/Organic Species etc


Personal sampling is required to establish the Time Weighted Average (TWA) exposure to levels of dust and fume throughout the duration of an average shift pattern of the workplace operators.

Static sampling is used to assess the effectiveness of engineering controls of plant emissions into the working environment. It also identifies the likely sources of contamination from machines or processes.

The results would show what the current WEL (Workplace Exposure Limit) should be, and what levels have been tested within the site, along with recommendations.

Eagle Safety and Environment Limited BOHS W501, W505 & W507 qualified surveyors, would provide all sampling equipment and sampling media and undertake a detailed survey of air quality in the workplace and provide technical reports, recommendations & conclusions.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Sick Building Syndrome may be due to poor air quality in the office and/or workplace.

We can undertake surveys for the following substances: Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, PM10 (Respirable dusts), Humidity & temperature.

We will then provide you with a detailed report along with suitable recommendations/actions required to improve the air quality within the workplace.

Eagle Safety can also help with your Water Quality Testing

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